Henrietta Supper Club

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True to the ‘supper club’ portion of its name, there’s a bit of a traditional, Victorian feel to the dark wood décor of Henrietta’s interior, though with a modern, eclecticism in the details of its art and furnishings. Upon entering, we were escorted to the lounge-like bar for a pre-meal cocktail. The ‘Pan American Chipper’ was an easy, summery drink that featured Laird’s 100 proof apple brandy, lime, real pomegranate and grenadine, with a slight absinthe kick. We really have to highlight the warmth and generous hospitality of one of Henrietta’s owner, Dominic Carnevale. Dominic took the time to talk us through the menu and explain the venue, and it’s clear that this enthusiasm extends to its generous, hearty dishes.

Adventurous diners, pay attention: Henrietta’s menu is a veritable chameleon. After 10:30PM, the supper menu comes out to play and the entire menu changes every 1.5 months , so it may be worth a revisit for the new dishes on offer. In the spirit of new culinary discovery, we braved the unconventional oxtail croquettes, which turned out to be very tasty and quite balanced in flavor. The always reliable, melt-in-your-mouth pork crackling was the accompanying side dish. As a restaurant with prominent Irish influences, it was no surprise that our mains were heavy on the meat. Together, the rack of lamb, hanger steak (my personal favourite) and cauliflower three ways make for a very satisfying set of mains for the carnivores . For those with lighter palates, the trick is to space out the meals, perhaps with a cocktail or two from Henrietta’s impressive menu between courses. The dodger ice cream sandwich with malt shake dessert was inspired by classic English jam drops. True to its inspiration, the dessert was bursting with flavour and character, perfect for those with an unapologetic sweet tooth at the end of the night, though it may be better as a shared dish for others. All desserts come with a mini alcoholic concoction, unless you’re ordering the cheese platter.

Oliver Grand Says:
Henrietta’s Supper Club is definitely the place for those craving dining that is generous in portion and flavour and served by those who go out of their way to make the experience special.

Henrietta Supper Club,

Level 1, 292-294 Victoria Street,

Darlinghurst NSW 2010

+61 (2) 9356 3429



Absolute Sanctuary


Flying into Koh Samui immediately transported me to a haven switched off from the business of life. This rhetoric was flawlessly carried through by the Absolute Sanctuary team who picked us up from the airport and took us to the luxury jungle escape only a 5 minute drive away. Sampling two different detox plans (and there are many others to choose from readers), the 7 Day Ultimate Fasting Detox and the Live Raw Foods Detox, all apprehension about doing what I believed to be a hippie endeavour were put to ease by the staff from the time we arrived. We were welcomed with a cold towel and our detox plans thoroughly described (four times daily detox drinks and raw food plan mapped out, as well as, gulp, daily colonics, supplements and indulgent spa treatment program) and put together in a very easy to-follow package for the week (they read my OCD mind with the timetabling), with extra information on detoxing also available to read at my own leisure (which was ideal for my amateur detox experience).

Now as a meat lover and absolute foodie, I definitely was not looking forward to going without food for 7 days, however I approached it with all due enthusiasm in the name of pure health, vitality and clarity, and this was made all the more easy by the wonderful staff, beautiful Moroccan-inspired accommodation (including the most comfortable bed I have slept on in a long time), stunning Samui location and friendly faces everywhere we looked. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and despite the lack of food and extreme dreams about cheeseburgers and family blocks of Cadbury chocolate, words cannot describe how wonderful this process has been. Nurtured every step of the way by leaders in their fields from the daily yoga classes, to naturopaths, colonic nurses and spa team (the best Thai massage I have ever received, big call I know, and the green coffee wrap was my other favourite spa treatment, a must try), I urge you all to find time to experience it. I know some of you sceptics ponder at the validity of detoxes but as a fellow empirical sceptic, there’s nothing hippie about this: an alternative way to re-charge, re-centre and relax from the mania of life.

For me, the yoga was the standout. A glass window studio looking out to the jungle provided the perfect location to find peace and push your own boundaries. Don’t be alarmed if you haven’t practiced yoga before, there are not only many different levels to cater for all stages, but the teachers were phenomenal – wise, willing to chat and guide, and moreover encouraging with how to introduce yoga into your normal life in an achievable way.

A place to re-centre, re-evaluate and re-charge, and with easy access to all major beaches and locations (Choeng Mon Beach spectacular sunset is something that can’t be missed), Absolute Sanctuary is an ideal location to undergo a detox program. Whether you’re fasting or eating on a detox or your personally made plan (readers note that the food here is incredible, especially the new superfood menu), there’s something here for everyone. Approaching this with the view that it was something a crazy bride and her bridesmaids would do to squeeze into their dresses before the big day, I could not be further from that outlook now. Glowing from inside to out, I would recommend this to anyone, men and women, whether that be on your own (you will find like-minded people there) or as a duo as we did, it will change your life. Arriving dull and worn out, I left changed, light (physically and mentally) and positive, as well as with many friends from across the world. A different option for a time out: all I can say is that my body and mind is feeling the benefits. If you’re a cynic, I dare you to give it a go and reap the benefits!

Absolute Sanctuary Koh Samui

88 Moo 5. Tambol Bophut,

Amphur Koh Samui, Suratthani 84320

T: +66 77 60 1190

E: info@absolutesanctuary.com



Mr Cocquerel

Oliver Grand _ThomasCocquerel 3

Despite only graduating from film school 2 years ago, Thomas Cocquerel has already started carving a path on the Australian TV scene, appearing in LOVE CHILD and the soon-to-be-released ANZAC GIRLS. Not only that, the 24 year old is also making marks overseas; he’s recently wrapped up shooting on the US feature film KIDNAPPING FREDDY HEINEKEN alongside Hollywood greats like Anthony Hopkins and fellow Aussie, Sam Worthington. That’s not even mentioning his way of charming A-list ladies, which includes Glee star, Dianna Agron.
Chatting to Thomas about his personal style and life experiences, we found a down-to-earth actor who is definitely one to watch.

Thomas wears Prada throughout / Watch Emporio Armani 


OG. What was it like to work with Hollywood greats like Anthony Hopkins, who starred with you in Kidnapping Freddy Heineken?

It was one of the most amazing experiences. I was already a big fan of the whole cast before meeting them but to work with such a talented group of actors in person only confirmed why that was so. I was in awe when Anthony Hopkins arrived. We met on set minutes before they called us on. We only have two very short private scenes together in the film as my character doesn’t really interact with him much, but it didn’t stop me from going to set every single day he was filming to watch him work. A true icon and master of his craft, I loved learning from him. My real highlight was the day he invited me to have tea with him in trailer between takes. He really loves Australian actors and talked of the many he’s had the privilege to work with over time from Mel Gibson and Russell Crowe to Chris Hemsworth.

OG. Growing up with three sisters, how has the female perspective influenced your style choices?

Huge. All the women in my family have had an influence on what I wear as fashion is a big part of their lives and has been for generations. My great grandmother Eunice Jackson for instance started a small boutique retail chain 70 years ago that has been passed down and is still family run today. My three sisters love clothes, have always advised me and vice versa. We’re all very close and enjoy influencing one another. Growing up around the world, we were also exposed to different styles and trends, especially French fashion. I like comfortable classic clothes. Men in the 50′s and 60′s I think really had it down. Guys like Paul Newman, Steve McQueen and Cary Grant had such a great cool, confident and timeless style that still resonates today.

OG. The one thing you wish you never wore?

I’m sure there’s a lot but looking back the things I really regret are clothes that never fitted properly. Like shirts that were too big or small. I’m picky about what fits now. I also had a really long hair phase that I’m not too sure about anymore.

OG. What’s the hardest lesson you’ve had to learn so far, as an actor? Any advice you can give?

I think finding an undying self-belief is crucial but pretty hard to find and keep in this business. No one’s going to give you a shot at anything if you don’t believe in yourself first. Unfortunately though we get so many ‘no’s in this industry, especially starting out, that it can sometimes dishearten you and make you question everything. I remember Will Smith once saying that all successful people need a sort of ‘delusional quality’ to think that something different can happen in the future from what has normally always happened in the past. I really like that. Then it’s all about working hard, having fun and enjoying the process. Sinking deep into a text, learning everything you can about a character and their world so that you can be the most prepared. Then letting it all go to be present on set or stage and ready to offer your best performance.

OG. Are there certain things you must bring with you, no matter where you travel in the world? Can you tell us the story behind them.

A good pillow. When I travel frequently it gives me a piece of home on planes or buses for a good rest so I’m ready to go. Hours can be long and a good pillow makes everything just that little bit easier.

OG. If the whole world were listening, what would you say?

Be kind to one another and smile.


Photography: Trevor King @DLM / Grooming: Ryan Farrajota


Urban and Evening Wear with David Warner & Jimmy Bartel

david warner

Not since Shane Warne has a player taken a game apart and inspired a whole new generation of cricketers to “be like Dave” both on and off the pitch. Enter our Witchery Man for October, Mr David Warner: cool and laid back as much as he is charming and talented. Famous worldwide for his pocket rocket energy, his power hitting and his massive profile, Warner arrived on the international cricket scene with his debut innings against South Africa, scoring an explosive 89 off 43 balls, which included a record breaking 7 sixes in the innings, and the second fastest T20 international fifty off 18 balls. The rest has been history in the making for this lad whose power, innovation and energy continues to captivate audiences on and off the cricket pitch.

Above: David Wears Jenson Navy Suit Jacket, Cycladic White Shirt

david warner 2David Wears Primula Print Shirt, Carolina Jean.


OG: Style to you is:

Comfort, cosy, relaxed, vibrant, clean.

OG: How does WitcheryMan resonate with your career and every day routine?

I spend a lot of time in athletic gear so WitcheryMan suits my relaxed easy-going style when I dress things up.

OG: What is your own favourite innings?

The 180 I scored against India in the Perth test in 2012.

OG: Who is the fastest bowler you have faced?

South Africa’s Morne Morkel.

OG: Which other Australian cricketers do you think have style?

Brad Haddin.

OG: If you wanted to invite 5 famous sportsmen to dinner who would they be?

Roger Federer; Tiger Woods; Lionel Messi; Micheal Jordan; and Greg Norman.

OG: If you could be wearing your favourite Witchery outfit from the shoot, what and where would it be?

Definitely the floral shirt at a garden wedding!!

jimmy bartel 1
Jimmy Wears Daylesford Blazer, Chino Short, Easton Espadrille.

And now switching to the crème de le crème on the AFL field and our regular Witchery Man, Mr Jimmy Bartel. Like we’ve said before his credits and awards are endless, this is our humble and cool Aussie man, who is such a ball to work with each and every time. With his classic, versatile and comfortable vibe, he is the epitome of enduring style.


OG: Summer style to you is…

White, fresh, outdoors, beach, bbq’s

OG: Can you please tell us a little about how you fell into playing AFL?

I played a lot of different sports growing up. I managed to play junior representative football and I caught the eye of the Geelong Cats who drafted me in the National Draft. I finished my year 12 exams and a week later I was slogging it out on the training track at Kardinia Park.

OG: Do you have a most memorable game?

I have been very fortunate to have played in three winning grand finals: winning a grand final is the ultimate goal and the best feeling to experience in the game!

OG: What does your weekly exercise regime look like?

It depends on what time of year it is: pre-season or when games are being played. They both have you committed to the club around five and a half days a week. This is a mixture of skill based training, running, weights, stretching, cross fitness, massage, meetings and re-hab.

OG: The most romantic destination in the world that you’ve been to is?

Playa Del Carmen in Mexico is the most beautiful and relaxing place. Magic beaches, amazing weather and a real sense of being the furthest place away from Australia.  On the hit list is to drive from Barcelona all the way through the south of France and into Italy taking as long as I like.

OG: If you wanted to invite 5 famous sportsmen to dinner who would they be?

Kevin Durant – I’m a HUGE NBA junkie and he is my favourite player; Muhammad Ali – the Greatest and would make interesting conversation; Tiger Woods – most dominant golfer of his time and would again provide some interesting topics for the table haha; Lance Armstrong – so many questions to ask, all starting with why; and Pat Rafter- Every Aussie’s favourite sports star still. Legend!

OG: What was your favourite WitcheryMan outfit of the shoot?

That would have to be the camel suit, it has a really nice fit and would be something I’d wear to the races or friends’ weddings. I loved it!

jimmy b 3
Jimmy Wears Emerson Camel Suit Jacket, Cycladic White Shirt.


Photography:  Trevor King @DLM


Out of the blue | editoiral | feat imageBlue is for boys and this season we feature the timeless tone. Its beauty comes from its range, from powder to royal to navy, and how effortlessly they all work together for a spot-on summer colour palette.

Top Image: Blazer Canali Sweater Jac + Jack Chinos Ben Sherman
Above Left: Polo & Sports Jacket Canali Sunglasses Thom Browne 
Right: Blazer & Pocket Square Canali Sweater Jac + Jack Chinos Ben Sherman Ring Louis Vuitton

out of the blue | editoirial | 2

Shirt & Blazer Canali

Left: Knit Louis Vuitton Swim Shorts Canali
Right: Shirt Burberry Swim Shorts Topman

out of the blue | editoirial | 1

Shirt & Blazer Canali