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We welcome Australian actor, Rodger Corser, to the stage as our Witchery Man of September. A household name on our television screens for over a decade and best know for his roles on Home and Away, Underbelly, Spirited, Rush and Puberty Blues, Rodger is soon to be seen opposite Asher Keddie as the lead of political television series, Party Tricks. This is one talented gent, whose carefree, yet determined spirit is carried through his on-screen roles to his everyday persona. Showing us how to rock tailoring mixed with knitwear that takes you from work to sipping your whisky by night, Rodger demonstrates how it’s equally as important to bring your own cheek and swag to complete any outfit. Spring style with a side of suave – that’s our WitcheryMan September motto.

Above: Rodger wears WitcheryMan Jenson Suit Jacket , WitcheryMan Brittany Shirt


OG: Style to you is (in 5 words)…

Like beauty, it’s totally subjective.

OG: Who is your style icon?

I like a good classic look, one that stands the test of time. I like that old school Hollywood leading man vibe, where he looks equally at home in a leather jacket and jeans in a muscle car as they do in a good suit at a cocktail party. Think Paul Newman and Steve McQueen.

OG: How does the female eye influence your style choices?

Well my wife buys a lot of my clothes (not all), so I’d say it more than influences.

OG: You’re a storyteller by nature, what is it about stories that you love so much?

I think we all love stories, it’s how we all converse. It’s the way the culture of anything is passed along, regardless of merit. Whether it’s gossip, art, politics, religion, or how your team won on the weekend, it’s a story of some description.

Left: WitcheryMan Paisley Print Shirt
Right: WitcheryMan Waterfall Knit Jumper, WitcheryMan Slim Stretch Chino

OG: Can you tell us a little about your upcoming role on Party Tricks?

It’s a six part drama series to be seen later in the year on Network TEN. I play David McLeod, a media personality/businessman, who is recruited to lead the Liberal Party into the upcoming Victorian state election. This comes as quite a shock to everyone, (as he’s never held a seat in parliament), but most of all to the Labour leader and Premier of Victoria, Kate Ballard (played by Asher Keddie). Though the Premier’s shock is less to do with the unorthodox nomination and more to do with the affair she and David had some years ago. Sex, politics, scandal…what’s not to like?

OG: When you’re working, what are 3 items you can’t travel without?

My phone, ipad, and toothbrush.

OG: If you could have 4 people at a dinner party, who would they be?

Well guest number one would be my wife, so I suppose we’re down to three ring-ins. My first thought would be Paul Keating, he is cultured, has a killer dry wit and definitely has stories to tell, but after seeing the Kerry O’Brien interviews, I don’t think I could handle him referring to his 15 volumes of press clippings every two sentences…so I think he’s out. In fact let’s ban all politicians and make it a fun night. Now I like to cook, but if I can choose anyone, I might as well get someone who can pull their weight in the kitchen and make it interesting, maybe Jamie or Heston. At least one guest would have to own a good cellar, and it would be mandatory for them to bring several good bottles! Francis Ford Coppola owns a vineyard…maybe I try and talk my way into a job sometime during the second bottle, I think Sting owns one too, so we’d get wine and song from one guest, that’s value! For the last guest, maybe someone who can make us laugh and we should really even up the male to female ratio, so how about Tina Fey?…but only if she can get here early to entertain the kids while we get ready.


Photography: Trevor King @DLM / Styling: Oliver Grand


The Conrad Koh Samui

Conrad Koh Samui - Feature Image Final | Oliver Grand

Situated on the South-Western tip of superb Samui Thai Island, the Conrad Koh Samui is breathtaking from the outset. Arriving at the reception at the top of dramatic hills you are immediately transported to a luxury escape overlooking the azure reefs of Aow Thai Beach.

With a welcome drink in tow and warm greetings from the staff, we were taken on our golf buggie to our private villa. Even though there are 81 free-standing pool villas, 3 restaurants, 2 lounges and a private wine cellar (perfect for winos), the uniquely private structure of the hotel makes you feel like you are the only ones there except for a few other sitings on their buggies or at meals. Walking in to our villa a wave of relaxation hit us: with large glass windows opening out to our private pool overlooking the spectacular ocean. We were taken by our host through the room and its offerings as well the functionality of the villa (this one’s for you guys, everything is technologically done from the lights through to the menus of the spa and restaurants: I was a little out of my depth but this is a villa full of boys’ toys). Fresh, clean, indulgent: all overwhelming initial impressions.

This is an innovative resort which allows complete privacy and seclusion whilst simultaneously offering a wide range of activities. I love snorkeling and I loved the complimentary speedboat across to another island for superb snorkeling (my advice, get a picnic packed for a little day trip over there: bliss). If you’re a gym junkie even on vacation there’s a gym with glass walls looking out to the ocean (if there was a time where I wanted to work out on holiday, this is the destination that would make it a happy occasion) and for those yogis there’s a morning class which is taken on the boardwalk on the water’s edge. An award-winning spa is also a must if you’re wanting to indulge further.

Now to my favourite topic: food. The breakfast here was a little small for my liking when it comes to a buffet (I know, first world problems) but the juices and smoothies all served in chilled jars were a highlight which provided a perfect start to my day. The Zest Thai-fusion restaurant, was a fabulous option for dinner: my favourite dish was hands down the Yum Hua Plee Goong Sod (banana blossom, roasted carrot, coconut milk, coriander, chili paste and prawns) made all the more delicious by a complimentary cocktail happy hour. Now I was so relaxed here I didn’t sample the acclaimed fine dining Jahn Restaurant but I hear nothing but extravagance and deliciousness awaits you here (readers note there is a strict dress code here so if you’re planning for this, pack a set of your best clothes). Room service I can also personally recommend: one day all we felt like doing was taking comfort in our villa, the pool and large bath tub. Anything you want, it is a simple call away and it is brought to your door.

This is a place where your every wish can be met and you are waited on at any time you wish – you feel like everyone is your personal butler. Now for me, I don’t love this feeling all the time, but for my hourly request of fresh coconuts while I was in the villa, I definitely wasn’t complaining. This is pure luxury and whatever trip you are looking for you are able to adapt to your liking: private seclusion tick; access to spa, facilities and activities tick; an outstanding choice of restaurants tick. This can be anything you choose: a complete time out of your life or a trip where you can still work a little. My verdict: I’ll be back.

Oliver Grand Rating 4collar-155px

The Conrad Koh Samui

49/8-9 Moo 4, Hillcrest Road, Tambol Taling Ngam,

Amphur Koh Samui, Suratthani 84140, Thailand

T: +66 77 915 888



Father’s Day Gift Guide

OG_Illustrations_Final2oliver grand | fathers day | quirky

Clockwise from Top Left: “You Rock Dad” Card, Paper 2 / High Top Sneakers, Christian Louboutin / Missoni Towel & Leather Towel Holder, Top3 by Design / Wow Speaker, Top3 by Design / Shirt, Bassike / Wes Anderson Coffee Table Book, Ariel / Briefs, Richer Poorer @Incu / Guitar Fly Swat, Top3 by Design / Cubebot, Top3 by Design / Cupcakes, Sparkle Cupcakery.

OG_Illustrations_Final140826_OG_flat 0013

Hoodie, Bassike / Watch, Gucci / Large Headphones, Bang & Olufsen / Bicycle Pad & Pen, Paper 2 / Aviator Sunglasses, Gucci / Runners, Nike / Polo, River Island / “Best Dad in the World” Card, Paper 2.

OG_Illustrations_Final4fathers day | oliver grand | adventurer

Field Notes Pad, Paper 2 / Canon G1X Mark II Camera /  Drink Bottle, Tmod @Paper 2 / Pressman’s Apple Cider / Animated Card, Paper 2 / Briefcase, Globetrotter @Vendome / Watch, Timex @Incu / Aeroplane Kit, Paper 2 / Wool Gloves, Upstate Stock @Incu / Hiker Boots, Feit / Chino Shorts, Saturdays Surf @Incu / Headphones, Bang & Olufsen  / Leather Key Holder, Top3 by Design.

OG_Illustrations_Final3Oliver Grand | Fathers Day Conservative

Check Scarf, Burberry / Canvas Sneakers, Converse @Incu / The Art of the Thinking Paper Back, Ariel / Tie, Emporio Armani / Journal, Paper 2 / Cable Sweater, APC @Incu / Liqueur Glasses, Top3 by Design / “Man of the House” Card, Paper 2.


Photography Trevor King @DLM   / Illustrations Dane Noakes


Neebarran Ski in Ski Out Thredbo

ski in ski out review oliver grand 4

As if the peace and calm of the snow wasn’t enough as a location, we were lucky enough to add in to the equation one of Ski In Ski Out Thredbo’s luxury chalets for our visit. Staying in the Neebarran chalet situated on Crackenback Drive, literally steps away from the slopes, this is serenity, luxury and comfort all rolled in to one, ideal for a family or groups of friends.

From the time you arrive here (made all the more enjoyable by the welcome wine and treats awaiting) you’re transported to your snow haven. Don’t be alarmed by the slightly frosty receptionist, you’ll be taken to your chalet and shown the ropes with all necessary information run through. As you walk in you automatically notice the light streaming through the wide glass windows and balcony doors looking out to a beautiful panoramic view of the mountain.

If you’re a regular to the snow you’ll understand my joy with this place. Whether you’re at the snow just as a winter escape, or, instead, powering down the mountain, everything that you need on a snow holiday is here. From the huge lounge room, outdoors balcony with a stunning view, large kitchen with all cooking utensils (always a positive to have the option of being able to cook or go out – me, I love baking when I’m at the snow), washing machine and dryer, covered car space, large flat screen with cable (movie marathon on our checklist: tick), to the bathroom with fresh towels, Peter Morrissey toiletries, spa bath and heated bathroom floors (my personal favourite after a day of skiing).

With 2 bedrooms and a loft, this chalet houses 6 people. The combination of extremely comfortable beds and monitored heating sets you up for blissful night sleeps. Not only is the location perfect for those skiing or boarding, it’s only a 10 minute walk to the village with a wealth of restaurants and bars to try if you feel like venturing out. I, for one, cannot wait to come back here with a group of friends on my next ski getaway.

Oliver Grand Rating 5collar-155px

Ski in Ski Out,

Located at the end of Crackenback Drive,

Crackenback Ridge,

Thredbo NSW 2625

+61 (2) 6457 7031



Photos: Trevor King @ DLM 




Nick Vindin | Witchery | Oliver Grand 2

Introducing our Witchery Man of August, Mr Nick Vindin. One phrase pops to mind when it comes to this laid back guy: multi-talented – and even that’s an understatement. The only way he could have his fingers in more pies would be if he worked as a baker. If he isn’t interviewing the biggest names in Formula one on SBS – like World Champion Lewis Hamilton or Australia’s own Daniel Ricciardo, or broadcasting live from the most infamous yacht race, The Sydney to Hobart – you will find him scouring the globe looking for the best travel spots for Smooth FM. As Smooth’s travel correspondent Nick has travelled Europe, America, Asia and the Middle East for his popular syndicated radio spots and his ever-growing travel blog. If that wasn’t enough to impress you, he’s the founding Chairman of the charity Concert for the Cure which is a leading National Breast Cancer Research Foundation community partner and one of his latest adventures has been hosting the new game show for Channel 9’s GO called Move It which he’s now filming seasons 3 and 4. Here we see him wearing the WitcheryMan August pieces in store, showing us why staples never go out of fashion and how to hold on to contemporary style whilst maintaining a gent’s basic needs!

Above: Nick wears WitcheryMan Denim Shirt, WitcheryMan Mansel Jean, WitcheryMan New Gen Sneaker.


OG: Style to you is…

Comfortable (yet sharp); timeless; practical (yet sophisticated); smart; purposeful.

OG: Who is your style icon and why?

Probably my dad. Growing up I didn’t think so, but the older I get the more I appreciate how unique and frankly cool his approach is. His style is classic, bold and confident – in one word, gentlemanly. From his dressing gown and slippers to his omnipresent jacket (blazer, or suit – he won’t leave the house without looking smart), he takes great pride in his presentation – as did his dad. Sadly I think it is something that is on the slide a bit.

OG: How does the female eye influence your style choices?

From the day you are born the female eye shapes your style. Your mum in the first instance, next your sister, then the girl you are trying to impress, and finally your partner.

Left: WitcheryMan Bond Crew Neck Jumper, WitcheryMan Wilson Chino, WitcheryMan New Gen Sneaker.
Right: WitcheryMan Cross Knit Jumper, WitcheryMan Carolina Jean, WitcheryMan Pull on Boot.

OG: If you could be a fictional character who would it be? And why?

Although I prefer a stirred, not shaken, martini myself, it would have to be Sean Connery’s James Bond. He is the personification of timeless cool. He travels to the most exotic locations in the world in beautifully tailored suits and can ski, scuba dive and drive fast cars with effortless ease.

OG: What are 3 items you can’t travel without?

My passport…. just kidding. A good book (for those plane rides), sleeping tablets (to help me acclimatise as soon as possible) and, while I know this is cheating, a good overnight bag for carry-on to ensure you have at least one fresh outfit should your luggage decide to holiday somewhere else.

OG: How does WitcheryMan resonate with your career, lifestyle and every day routine?

I think it best resonates with my lifestyle in that it is comfortable, sharp and simple. Their collection is unique in that you can wear, say one shirt, to work, to the beach or to dinner. And when you are in a mad rush it’s good to have clothes that are versatile – and look smart in different settings. In terms of how it resonates with my career ? I would like to think WitcheryMan’s collection, like my skill set, is getting better every day.

Nick Vindin | Witchery | Oliver Grand 1

WitcheryMan Quilted Sleeveless Jacket, WitcheryMan Mumford Plaid Shirt, WitcheryMan Mansel Jean.

OG: What was your favourite WitcheryMan outfit of the shoot? If you could be wearing it anywhere in the world where would you be?

Probably the black and white speckled jumper. I stole it, I mean…. borrowed it permanently from the shoot. I am planning to put it to good use in Sydney and will be wacking it in the overnight back for my next holiday. So it’s not really a hypothetical at all.

OG: “Simplicity in character, in manners, in style; in all things the supreme excellence is simplicity” (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow). Please discuss.

Old Henry and I disagree on this a little. Simple characters aren’t necessarily excellent (unless it is your accountant). I think complex people are the most interesting, puzzling and intriguing – they make life fun. I wouldn’t describe any of my friends as simple – far from it. However Mr. Longfellow is on the money when it comes to simplicity of manners and style. Things that aren’t too busy tend to never really go out of style.

OG: If you could invite any 4 people to your dinner party who would they be? And why would they be there?

Barack Obama (I would ask him to be my referee for job applications – he would really open doors); Oprah Winfrey (just to listen to how she built an empire, plus hearing some of the antics that went on back stage would be a nice kicker); Roger Federer (I am just in awe of him. What he has accomplished on the court, and the way he has done it. I’ve been lucky enough to interview many big names in world sport but he is the one person that would turn me into a giggling school girl.); and Queen Elizabeth II (She would have some amazing stories to tell – plus I feel like she would make a cracking Gin and Tonic and might just get the party started).


Photography: Trevor King @DLM / Styling: Oliver Grand